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  • Transport for London – Barclay Cycle Hire Statistics – (Update)

    The dataset contains recorded journeys for all bikes registered in the system including start and destination stations, duration of the journey, and journey date for the year 2012. The script presented here provides two different visualizations, one tracing an imaginary …

  • Central Pacific Hurricane Center – HURDAT2 Best Track Information


    The dataset contains recorded and estimated tracking data for the cyclones occurring in the pacific region since 1949 including coordinates, speed, pressure, etc. The script presented here visualizes all recorded cyclones for a specified year marking their speed and status …

  • Office for National Statistics – Public Sector Employment












    The dataset contains breakdown of the UK employment statistics in public sector since 1990. The set also includes four different statistical treatments based on head count, full-time equivalent, seasonal, and …

  • UNdata – Youth Illiteracy (15-24 Years)

    youth illiteracy

    The dataset contains population data filtered by literacy, age, sex, and urban/rural residence. This dataset is a part of a larger database collected and maintained by United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) since 1948 through national statistical offices. The online set, …

  • Eurostat Regional Statistics – Unemployment Rates


    The dataset contains unemployment rates broken down by sex, age, and NUTS2 regions for 15 years or over. Information for most regions is available from year 2003 onwards. The image, above, illustrates total unemployment rate for the 15 years or …

  • UNdata – Electricity Demand


    The dataset contains total electricity statistics from gross demand and breakdowns to modes of production. The image, above, illustrates the transport energy consumption (red scheme circular markers) against gross electricity demand (blue scheme solid fill) for the year 2010 available …

  • Eurostat Sustainability Indicators – Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    co2 emissions

    The dataset contains total greenhouse emissions in CO2 equivalents indexed to 1990 base year. Data includes aviation contributions and takes into account the CO2 equivalent emissions of CH4, NO2, and SF6. It, however, does not account for the maritime transport …