Assignment3 – Geo-Data Mapping

on 22|12|2014
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A Flickr visualization that allows viewers to view when and where tourist photos were taken of the U.S.


The background map is provided by OpenStreetMap.  The zoomAndPanTo default number is 4 and I add a setTweening to make the zoom more smoothly.

Yahoo has released a huge amount of Flickr data-sets. However, those data-set(e.g. from is too big, I only use the data provided by Catherine Grabar and Michelle McArdel. The data have the information about: name of photo taker, the taken photo’s time, where the photo taker came from , the taken photo’s location and the photo’s Flickr number.  The time is from 13 June to the end of June, 2012.

P3 P2

To change to button on top, it’s clear to see where is the most popular place for a certain type of people.

Use the url of, is able to link the photo directly to the image itself, and not to the image page. ( however it goes against Flickr’s Community Guidelines). Use mouse to see the photo and people who take this photo.

P4 P5


The data file data2

Processing file assignment3_xwu

PS: I have to use a absolute path to read the data file in the sketch.

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