Assignment 3-Mapping Time-Zixing Yang

on 05|01|2015
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Assignment 3- Mapping time, Zixing Yang, 21/12/2014


In this assignment, I load the data from To visualize the depth of the global earthquake in relation to time changing.

Raw data could get access here

To derive the main elements that I would manipulate in processing, I use excel to retrieve “latitude”,”longitude”,”time” and “earthquake depth”.

There is an animation in the final visualization that provide a general understanding of the location of the earthquake and the depth as well. All of these present by specific circles  and colors. This is a non-interactive animation of change over time.



After zooming out:


By pressing “1” or “2”, user could change the display mode. The pictures below show how the map changing after press “2”.



The CSV file could get access here: EVENTNEW

The processing file could get access here: Assignment3_mapping_time

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