Transport for London – Barclay Cycle Hire Statistics – (Update)

on 02|02|2015
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The dataset contains recorded journeys for all bikes registered in the system including start and destination stations, duration of the journey, and journey date for the year 2012. The script presented here provides two different visualizations, one tracing an imaginary straight path for each bike between stations animating the journey duration in time and space and the other exploring the traffic into and out of stations. As such, playing with the toolkit can provide simple answers – which stations has the highest traffic, which stations experience frequent visits, when in the year such traffic takes place, etc. The script also provides means to strict, limit, and alter the scopes of visualization in order to search effects based on stations under study, bike serial numbers, and time of year.

The network statistics data can be accessed here and here.

Processing script and complete dataset are also available here. The updated script can be accessed here.

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