Assignment 3 _ 2014 earthquakes

on 21|12|2014
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The dataset contains information of eartthquake in 2014. It comes from USGS, where you can modify your research by specifying magnitude, time and place. In this visualization, each earthquake is represented as a dot with multiple circles overlapping. The inner circle represents the magnitude, the larger the magnitude, the bigger the circle. The outer circle is filled by a transparent color. There is a black cross line pops out in each event. As such, as they appear in timeline, the areas where earthquake happened in 2014 are marked by dots. The area with a high frequency of earthquake is covered by a series circles and high saturated color, vice versa. At the same time, the timeline bar at the screen button would be gradually filled corresponding to each events.


By pressing 1 or 2, the background map can be switched from google map to microsoft map.0504


The processing file can be downloaded here.

The data can be downloaded here.


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