Final Assignment – Meteorite Landings since 1400

on 28|01|2015
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The final project combines the techniques of all previous assignments, adding a new technique of using time as a main reference. The aim was to set up multiple types of relationships between variables, using a large data set, thus providing the developer with sufficient information. The techniques used include mapping, interactivity (in form of sliders, rollovers and buttons), as well as animation. The dataset from The Meteoritical Society contains information on all of the known meteorite landings recorded from 14th Century until 2013.

The dataset file includes fields such as type of meteorite, mass(g), year, coordinates, Id as well as the location. In addition to that, the field “fall” and “found” classifies whether the meteorite fallen from space was observed by people or automated devices. If it was observed, it is considered a fall and classified as “fell”. All other meteorites are finds and classified as “found”.

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Dataset can be found here:

Processing Code: Meteorite_Landings

Movie (somehow the slider is not displayed in this movie):


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