Assignment 1- Links to 3 online data Resources

on 21|11|2014
Filled under: Assignment 1

  • www.gapminder.orgGapminder WorldDescription: Gapminder is a non-profit venture – a modern “museum” on the Internet – promoting sustainable global development and achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. This online data resource, normally presents graphs in motion of various data sets, which makes them very easy to visualize. You need to click the play button to visualize a graph properly.
  •   Data from QuandlDescription:  It is a free public database, which enables the users to get the data they want, in their desired format. It also indicates the URL link, for any data source, so that the users can have an idea where is the data from? It sources data from central banks, exchangers, brokers, think tanks and private companies.
  • Data   The World Bank-1Description: The World Bank is an organization working on a global scale for humanity. It offers reliable data sets, which can be downloaded in desired formats including databases, preformatted tables, reports and other resources. It also presents with an opportunity for the visual representation of the data on the website.

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