Assignment 1- Data Visualizations

on 22|11|2014
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1 Another online database, from where I downloaded the data in CSV format and produced a visual representation in google spreadsheet is;

The source of the data is the website for the UK Government, which offers a high ratio of reliability in terms of authentication of the datasets. I trust this data source to a large extent because it must have been monitored by qualified UK government officials.Obesity

The data clearly represents the trend for the growing number of people in UK diagnosed with “Obesity”. A short explanation is also given below the table for the data set, as can be viewed on google spreadsheet link. However, I think the data is not very detailed in terms of a single data set containing all the desired information, like age group, etc. The visualization is however clear and it is easy to distinguish the increasing trends of obesity diagnosed in females, as compared to males. The data source link and copy of Comma Separated Values file can be accessed below 

Source Link:

CSV FileObesity diagnosis by gender in UK


2.Another data visualization, I found interesting was by using

 literacy rate 

This data source also seems reliable because of a number of references of data given. The data represents the literacy rate of people (age above 15) of different countries over the course of around 25 years in the form of colored bubbles. The motion of the bubbles makes it very eye catching and understanding. By selecting each country and then playing, the literacy rate trend can be viewed. It also offers the flexibility to drag the time slider, zoom in and out  and turn trails on/off. However, the dataset has a limitation that it can only be viewed effectively by clicking on the play button(by going on link below), not as a single image.

Source Link:$majorMode=chart$is;shi=t;ly=2003;lb=f;il=t;fs=11;al=30;stl=t;st=t;nsl=t;se=t$wst;tts=C$ts;sp=5.59290322580644;ti=2009$zpv;v=0$inc_x;mmid=XCOORDS;iid=phAwcNAVuyj1jiMAkmq1iMg;by=ind$inc_y;mmid=YCOORDS;iid=pyj6tScZqmEc96gAEE60-Zg;by=ind$inc_s;uniValue=8.21;iid=phAwcNAVuyj0XOoBL_n5tAQ;by=ind$inc_c;uniValue=255;gid=CATID0;by=grp$map_x;scale=log;dataMin=194;dataMax=96846$map_y;scale=lin;dataMin=3.183;dataMax=100$map_s;sma=50;smi=2$cd;bd=0$inds=

CSV File: literacy rate

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