Final Assignment- Harriet Browning

on 01|02|2015
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I have produced a visualisation showing how London’s population has changed from 1801 to 2011. This is combined with population density data from 2011 and population variation in terms of age groups, also from 2011.

first screen

The data shows that people have moved largely from inner London to outer London since 1801, particularly post WW2. This gives an indication of how trends could evolve further in the future.

both sliders

The population density toggle is used to show that just population values is not sufficient to make valid conclusions about each London borough, as some are far smaller than others- this data was only available for 2013 however.

pop density

A drop down list has been included to show the difference between number of children, number of working age people and number  older people living in each borough in 2013- this data would be useful to those who organise social services.

dropdown 2- working



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