Final Assignment – Oliver Stead

on 02|02|2015
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Final - 2        Final - 3

These images show the Total CO2 emissions for each country, the first for 1980 and the second showing 2004. This slider allows for the user to see how CO2 emissions have increased in specific countries across the 30 year period. The key on the left hand side of the visual allows for the user to understand what the difference in intensity of the colour represents without giving too much detailed information that the visual would be cluttered.

Final - 4         Final - 6

This image shows the visualisation when the percentage emissions are shown. The key is shown to the left of the visualisation again which shows the percentage values that are shown by different intensities.

The line graph uses a drop down menu to cycle between the different countries that are displayed within the visualisation. The menu is quite small but this allows for the graph to not take up much of the overall screen space. The images show the line graph for Afghanistan (on the left image) and the United States (on the right)

The link below is to a video of the final visualisation in use:

The video is missing the toggle and sliders (these were removed during the image capture in Processing for some reason).

The visualisation shows Total CO2 emissions from 1980-2004 then the Percentage CO2 emissions for 1980-2004, the video then shows the toggle function being used to display line graphs for different countries.

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