UN Data for World Exports 2013

on 22|11|2014
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UN World Exports Visualisation jpeg- world exports

The map attached shows the amount of imports from countries which contributed data in 2013. This focuses on exports to make the data easier to visualise on a single map.

This is a trusted source as it was gathered by the UN. This includes it’s own data and that gained from each country. If I was using this data for further analysis I would check that the information they have provided is reliable by comparing it to different sources.

Limitations of this data: It comes from one source- should compare different statistics and different years to see a true pattern. However this does show the general trend.

I think the most interesting parts of this data are showing the countries which have no exports. They must be either highly reliant on imports or have not volunteered data. It also shows that China, Germany and the US had greatest exports.

The map image can be found here: UN World Exports Visualisation

Link: http://comtrade.un.org/data/- Total of all HS commodities

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