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on 02|02|2015
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In the final project, I kept working with the data I used in assignment 3, as I want to focus on the link between each event’s location and time series.

I downloaded the data from  USGS. In this website, you can customize your search, by magnitude, or depth,  or location, etc. A large number of data regarding with earthquakes in a century can be accessed as well.

Considering about the characteristic of the data, a line chart added in the visualization in response to each earthquake in timeline. A series of void circles are drawn, and the higher magnitude, the bigger the radius. When one event happens, a grey line makes links with the two circles representing geographic location and time respectively. When the mouse is hovering on the geographic location,  information about time and place may be displayed. At the same time, a white line is also connected to the corresponding circles in time line.

A toggle controlling playing animation is positioned on the screen top. I tried to made a listbox to visualize multiple csv files, unfortunately, it didn’t work.

At last, I still kept two maps to choose from. One black background, the other terrain.

The following images clearly shows that in 2014,  high frequency of earthquake areas lies near Peru-Chile Trench and the Philippines, Bougainville, Tonga, and New Zealand. The magnitude of most earhquakes in 2014 are between 6 and 7.






The processing code can be accessed here.

The data file can be download here.


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