Final Assignment-World Earthquakes 2009

on 02|02|2015
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The dataset come from In the big dataset, I choose those columns showing the time, position, and magnitude of earthquakes, which is able to illustrate the place that in danger.

2 1

Two buttons below controls the animation in time. We can see clearly that the earthquakes grow in the world map. Since in assignment 3 I used Unfolding library to location, in this time I just use a jpeg map as background, and convert those locations into geo-points.

4 3

Another interactivity is the scroll to show different earthquakes, classified in magnitude. In this visualization I intend to discuss the relation of magnitude and location. It is a simply research about how to set a scroll without using control lp5.

The mov shows how it works.

file here:FinalsubmissionXwu

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