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on 31|01|2015
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Net Immigration Rate in Some Countries Around the World, 1956 – 2006

For my final assignment, I found an interesting data set, which is mainly about the net immigration rate in some countries around the world from 1956 to 2006. And the website is called The World Bank: It is a website of influence so I could trust the data I got from it.

Considering the property of the data I am going to work on, I decided to apply firework to present the net immigration rate value containing in the CSV file. The reason is that, the dynamic shape could illustrate how many people immigrate or emigrate from one country to another. In the data set, there are two main kinds of data value: positive value and negative value. Positive value stands for that there are more people immigrate from abroad than emigrating out towards abroad. Therefore, I chose to utilize red fireworks to represent the positive values and purple fireworks to represent negative values. Also, the moving direction of the red and purple firework are different to each other to classify two different conditions.

A toggle is positioned at the right hand side of the screen to control the two different sorts of displaying modes. One is animation mode and another one is manual mode. Animation mode is displayed in default and the slip would move from top to bottom between 1956 to 2006. Hence you could have a general look about how the value change over time.  And when you switch to manual model, the slip would stopping moving so you can choose any year on the slider to have a further look.

When you are exploring how the net immigration value change over time in each country, you can have an external information about the population in that year in each country, which allows you to make a comparison between the immigration rate and population.

Xu_Guang_Final_Assignment_01 Xu_Guang_Final_Assignment_02Xu_Guang_Final_Assignment_04Xu_Guang_Final_Assignment_03


It seems that we have no access to the data of some countries around the world, and from my point of view, they are protecting their international privacy, such as China, and India, and this could be regarded as a limitation of this project.


Video recording the Animation is available here:

Download: please click here for CSV file:NMR. (9.49KB);

click here for Processing zip file:Xu_Guang_Final_Assignment. (63.70KB)


Thank you for your time :)

2nd. Feb.2015

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