Assignment 4.0 Final Assignment: Non-domestic Electricity & Gas Consumption Estimates in Sheffield

on 02|02|2015
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This program is produced to visualize the non-domestic energy consumption including electricity and gas within Sheffield. The data is downloaded from from 2010 to 2012, which would be very reliable. In order to show the energy consumption directly, the average consumption is chosen to be marked on the map, which is the total consumption divided by meters. Actually, the idea of doing this visualization is coming from my dissertation topic, which is based on the energy consumption in Sheffield. The regionalism is based on MLSOA code which is one of the ONS code ( Therefore, the data distribution on the map as well as the area code might be a little confused for some people. However, I believe it will help the relative researchers a lot by simply clicking.


Fig.1 Default interface of the processing program.


The program contains the average electricity consumption from 2010 to 2012 as well as the average gas consumption for these years. Besides, the specific electricity consumption is shown in the bar chart. You can find out the change of electricity consumption during this period by moving the year slider. Thus, you can compare the figures and work out the increasing or decreasing rate for certain area.

google and list and bars

Fig.2 Moving slider and showing the bar chart by clicking area list on Google Maps.

no gas

Fig.3 Gas notation off on Stamen Maps.


By determining the amount of the change for electricity consumption, you can link your result to the certain area by zooming in the map to see the main function of this area. For example, the area E02001628 is with large number of electricity and gas usage. It means this area is with industrial factory. Some mountain area is with huge gas consumption but little electricity usage, which could imply the electric facility is not complete there.

s and bars and list

Fig.4 Zoom in with area No. 66 by double clicking circle.


The bar chart can also demonstrate the energy consumption redaction effort made by local people. Those result can make people understand the current situation of the energy consumption in Sheffield and help us establish more efficient and effective plan to accomplish the energy conservation and emission reduction goal.

year and googlemap

Fig.5 Zoom in on Google maps with Gas notation off.


Movie here:


Dataset: here

Processing files: here

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