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on 02|02|2015
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Passenger Counts in London Underground Stations


This assignment is based on the work I did in assignment 3. The interface is almost the same as last one. A multilist is added, which enable users to select a specific tube line that is showing on the screen. The box at the bottom left will show the selected line. This function is achieved by loading different CSV files, since the original dataset does not include information about tube lines, I classified them manually.

Different from assignment 3, the pause function here does not run noLoop(), so users can zoom the map or change the line selection even in a pause. There is a passenger count appears in the center of each circle, the figure can be hidden by pressing “d” key.


When pressing “f” key, it will change to another mode, in which the passenger counts are reflected by both flower size and color. Color setting is as following:

0 – 200 persons: dark blue;

201 – 500 persons: light blue;

501 – 1000 persons: green;

1001 – 1700 persons: yellow;

1701 – 2400 persons: red;

Above 2400: pink.

Because this function brings too much operation load to computer, it is only available when in a pause and a single tube line is selected.

If users click at the center of a flower, the station name and passenger count will be shown and accompanied with an animation of flowers falling down. The X coordinate of each falling flower is generated by adding random value to the former position.

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