Library Paths

on 18|02|2015
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Movie Library paths1

Build a data visualization that combine the techniques
explored in class. It should consider large and complex
dataset, as well as animation and interactivity mapping
tools, for revealing relationships that are not evident.

General Description
The idea of the project is to get the tracks of the paths of
the libraries starting from the students union. This place
has been chosen for been the centre of the social hub and
activities of the university which is frequented by students
from different schools every day. As a pedestrian, this
visualization can help us to choose a place to study and to
be aware of the distances. As urban study, the paths can
shows us how the university campus is configured around this
places of knowledge.

Data collection
For the final assignment I chose to elaborate my own data
provided my Map My Tracks app. I gathered 5 sets of data,
one for each library path, to combine them in one CSV file
and make it work in processing.
For extracting the information from the file, the paths had
to be organized based on the library name and the order of
locations by time.
The data collected of the CSV file correspond to the geo
located position, the time and altitude. This variables will
conform the dataset in which the graphic is based on.


viz. 1

viz. 2

viz. g

The interactive visualization gives us the opportunity to
see the paths indicated by colours. The user can activate
and deactivate the paths in order to get a clearer view of
the path they want to take, and also consider the period of
transportation because the pace is based on the time.


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