1.4 Estimated deaths attributable to selected environmental risk factors – indoor air pollution (2004)

on 23|11|2014
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Environmental burden of disease: Country profiles

1Fig.1 Estimated deaths attributable to indoor air pollution

This is the global map for the estimated deaths caused by indoor air pollution by country. The max value for the estimated death is 548,900 in China. The minimum value is marked as “less than 100” instead of a specific figure. The data for the white regions is zero or not applicable or estimation or method not sensitive enough. This data is predicted by WHO Member State in 2004. The data is reliable according to the compatibility has been ensured by WHO.

The number of deaths and DALYs attributable to indoor air pollution from solid fuel use were calculated without the prior removal of COPD and lung cancer death attributable to smoking, thus may lead to higher figures than previously reported in 2002. Besides, for some regions, the figure is estimated as “less than 100”, which might due to the access difficulty for origin data collection. Furthermore, this report and estimation was made in 2004, which is approximately 10 years ago. In my opinion, attaching a legend for the types of air pollution will help people understand more about the estimated data.

After producing the graph, I find the data figures are disperse. In Asian area, especially for China and India, the estimation is much higher than any other region. Thus, I will ignore the unusual data when producing graph next time.

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