Assignment 1- Understanding Data

on 23|11|2014
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Part 1 – 3 Online Data Resource

1.The chart I collected from the website shows the relationship between people’s income and their education aid given during 1971-2007. Different colours represent different countries. These sources are collected from

Please click  to see full images if  it’s blurred.

Education aid given


Data source$majorMode=map$is;shi=t;ly=2003;lb=f;il=t;fs=11;al=30;stl=f;st=f;nsl=t;se=t$wst;tts=C$ts;sp=5.59290322580644;ti=2007$zpv;v=0$inc_x;mmid=XCOORDS;iid=phAwcNAVuyj1jiMAkmq1iMg;by=const$inc_y;mmid=YCOORDS;iid=tQQaILpdu-vGtSkJLr2VQCw;by=const$inc_s;uniValue=8.21;iid=phAwcNAVuyj0XOoBL_n5tAQ;by=ind$inc_c;uniValue=255;gid=CATID0;by=grp$map_s;sma=50;smi=2$cd;bd=0$inds=

For the CSV format click Education aid given (% of aid)


2.Gross enrolment ratio. Primary. Total is the total enrollment in primary education, regardless of age, expressed as a percentage of the population of official primary education age. GER can exceed 100% due to the inclusion of over-aged and under-aged students because of early or late school entrance and grade repetition.

School enrollment, primary   Data   Map



For the CSV format click


3. 10 year nominal yields on UK government bonds from the bank of England. The 10 year government bond yield is considered a standard indicator of long-term interest rates. This is a direct extract from the Bank of England IUAAMNPY series: “Annual average yield from British Government Securities, 10 year Nominal Par Yield”.

10y UK bond yields



For the CSV format click



Part 2 – CSV Data Visualising

UK tax receipts


The data I chose  from the website shows the number of net taxes and national insurance contributions. From the chart I created using google spreadsheet we can see the  trend of the taxes rises significantly in these 50 years. The data is clear and in the correct format. Also, it can be trusted because it is published by an authoritative website. However, the data adds extra  monthly information in the financial year column which leads to inconvenience when I was trying to visualise it.

Data source

For the CSV format click  UK tax receipts


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