Assignment 1 – Data visualising

on 23|11|2014
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Number of Daily Boris Bike Hires


The above chart shows the daily hires of Boris Bikes in London. I chose this data as it shows trends with the bike hires and British sporting events. The peak in summer 2012 coincides with the London 2012 games and the largest peak which is around July 2014 coincides with the British leg of the Tour De France. Other trend such as dips in winter can clearly be seen, this is probably due to bad weather. I would like to add labels to this data which would show these key events.

The data is taken from which I believe is a trusted source as its data is based on national censuses. The data can be seen here:

National Diversity in London

This data was also taken from London Data and shows the national diversity of citizens in London. I chose to use a map to illustrate the data as it can be taken in quicker than other representations. I would improve this by adding a pie chart of the percentages of different nationalities to aid the map chart, as British nationals take up 77.7% of London citizens. It shows a large European representation which can be expected but also a large percentage of people from India.

The data was taken from:

My data can be seen at:

Energy Consumption per Capita


This data set shows the energy usage for countries per capita. The data was taken from the UN database which I believe is a reliable source. There are issues with the unit chosen, which is kg of oil. This makes the data unclear as it does not indicate if this is for energy from oil or equivalent energy (including other fuel sources such as coal or solar power).

I also had to modify the data to exclude anomalies. Issues with developed countries with small populations caused the colour scale to skew largely towards these small countries. The countries that were excluded included Iceland and Qatar. I believe this now shows the data more clearly.

The data was taken from:

and my data can be seen at:


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