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on 23|11|2014
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1. Passengers at London airports


The data showing numbers of passengers in London airports are collected from the UK airlines every month by Civil Aviation Authority. The first diagram shows monthly change in passengers, and the second one is year-on-year percentage change. It can be easily seen that the passenger flow volume changes regularly every year with the peak around July and August, which is supposed to be the period of summer vacation, and the lowest point around January. The monthly percentage change does not show any regularity. It is difficult to get conclusions. However the great changes in the April of 2010 and 2011 indicate there must be something happened at that time. This data is unable to show the purpose of passengers. It would get a better understanding of the impact in tourism or education when the purpose classification is added.

CSV file: Passengers at London airports

Source: London Datastore


2. Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Fuel Combustion


The data is collected by International Energy Agency. This chart shows the trend of carbon dioxide emissions from fuel combustion in four countries. These four countries are chosen as the largest CO2 emission in Europe. We can tell from the chart that Germany had the largest emission in last century, while it was overtaken by UK in 1996. All these countries’ emissions have increased about four times comparing to the situations in 40 years ago, which probably indicates the energy consumption levels are also have significant increases.

CSV file: CO2 emissions



3. Suicide rates


The data of suicide rates per 100 thousand persons is reported by countries and collected by World Health Organization. In the image, places with darker colours have higher suicide rates. The highest value appears in Guyana in South America, which is 70.8. Then the second is 51 in Lithuania. Overall, most countries’ rates stay below 10. The economy of the country does not seem to be relevant to the result. Since high suicide rates can appear in both rich and poor countries. This image is unable to show the difference between male and female. While from the CSV file, detailed suicide rates of different sex are listed. According to the data, male’s rates are all far higher than female’s.

CSV file: Suicide rates

Source: World Health Organization

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