Assignment 1- Understanding Data

on 23|11|2014
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1) Online  Data Sources


DATAGOV federates data from hundreds of sources, including federal government, cities, counties, states, and universities, and the data is provided in all kinds of formats, which helps the public get easy access to read, visualize and utilize the data.




This is a website for integrating and releasing data to the public, which helps people know more about the policies and actions from the government. Different kinds of datasets are provided in this website, which can be accessed and used by the public.



spatial key

It is a website providing guidance for the data visualization tool called Spatial Key, and it provides a few sample CSV datasets for the users to understand how it works.



2)Data Visualization






I found a dabaset about locations of fixed and mobile speed cameras in Greater Manchester in which there are information on districts, exact locations, camera type and speed limit MPH. This dataset can be trusted because it is from the official website and the information is provided by  Local Authorities.

However, the data is limited to some extent. From my perspective, installation time of the cameras can be added to the dataset to illustrate the change within a particular period to indicate the improvement in the transport system in Greater Manchester.

I imported the file into Google Maps to create a customized map in order to show the location of the cameras, which can help us understand more about the transportation system through visualization. And I use different colors to distinguish the camera types.


CSV format: Speed_Camera_Locations_GM_Fixed


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