World carbon dioxide emmisons

on 23|11|2014
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Map carbon dioxide



The original source of this data can be found at:

CSV dataset : World carbon dioxide emissions, 1980-2006 – TOTAL FIGURES

The data is from a reliable source ‘The Guardian’ and the data was extracted from the data that was used with climate negotiations that took place in Copenhagen,
this was used in Government negotiations so I would trust this data.

The data only shows the Yearly Totals of CO2 emmisons for each country, therefore it is not possible to break this down into different sectors and analyse
the different areas in which each country would be able to improve. It is also not possible to see which months of the year a country will produce the most
CO2, whether this is for heating during winter / cooling in summer.

I find the dramatic variation between developed and non-developed countries really quite interesting within this dataset, as there is a clear distinction with how
CO2 emissions have increased over the years for all developing countries and for non-developed countries this has largely stayed constant.

The dataset allows to see how certain years had dramatic increases in CO2 production in each country, such as above in the Bahamas, and this can be looked at
in more detail to understand the event that took place here.

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