Assignment 2-Data Points

on 05|12|2014
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Screenshot 2014-12-05 20.53.31 Screenshot 2014-12-05 20.54.02 Screenshot 2014-12-05 20.54.12


I have selected a new dataset for this assignment, obtained from the website This data represents the concentrations of air pollutants in ( µg/m3 )over a span of 12 years. I have used the ellipse function to draw circles of different sizes, the size of the circle corresponds to the value of concentration (Higher concentration= Larger Size.) I have also added colors to each circle and for a specific range of values, since colors make the data visualized easily.


I have also added a simple interactivity, i.e., the values are displayed on the mouse click, and disappeared when mouse is released, and each value is represented by the color of its circle.

A copy of my dataset in Csv format and the zipped folder containing my Processing sketches can be accessed from below.

Processing files folder : assignment_2

csv data file mydatanew

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