on 07|12|2014
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The dataset I collected is from which includes Employee Jobs and Self-Employment Jobs in London from 1984 to 2010 with industries by GLA Economics sectors on a SIC 2007 basis .These data have been used by GLA Economics to forecast long-term employment projections and within GLA Economics’ models for exports, tourism and life sciences.The reason I chose the new dataset is because it’s simple and clean enough for Processing beginner to import and visualize.

As for my  visualization of this CSV file, I provide two types of display by using a toggle. Similar with the tutorial. One is drawing circles with different radius according to different values that reveals comparisons among all the values from year 1984 to 2010. One is just collecting exact data to illustrate in detail form all sectors and the whole period. I reckon both visualization types can present a much better understanding than what could be learned from looking at a spreadsheet. Moreover , a slider added aims to interactively filter the data that is presented witch enables a user to address this dataset more clearly. The filtered values would be shaded and the others remain.

For the CSV file.

For the Processing file Assignment2_Datapoints.



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