London Voting Patterns

on 07|12|2014
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I have chosen to use data previously collected, which studies different factors in London suburbs. These visualisations show how voting patterns vary in each suburb, between Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats. This is shown in comparison to median house price in that area.

A slider has been added to give more control over the range of values visualised. This can be used to show where there is a much higher majority of one party, or where they receive a very similar number of votes.

A rollover has been inserted into the code, so further analysis can quickly be conducted of individual data points. For detailed analysis, a toggle has been provided, which allows the user to switch between showing a colour coded image of the range of values, and a numerical image.

Vis 1- First Toggle 0 sliderImage 1 shows the initiral display, with graphical toggle displayed and a 5% value slider

Vis 2- First Toggle 0 slider RolloverImage 2 shows the rollover function, which can be used on all data points for further detail

Vis 3- Second Toggle 0 sliderImage 3 shows the ‘false’ toggle- displaying numerical values for each data point.

Vis 4- Second Toggle 72 sliderImage 4 shows the numerical values and the slider has been moved to 72% to ‘grey’ out lower values. This makes it easier to see when one party has a vast majority.


A copy of the CSV format can be found here:


Processing files can be found here: Assignment_2_Code__Votes_vs_House_Price_London



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