Assignment 2 – Datapoints

on 07|12|2014
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I chose to use my chosen data from previous weeks which was the number of bike hires in London( I wanted to illustrate the spikes and dips in the dataset by comparing it to other data such as rainfall in London.( I would then hopefully see a trend between the 2 datasets by using the toggle and filter function in ControlP5.

I chose to use monthly averages as they are easier to visualise on 1 screen compared to daily values. I have discussed this further at the bottom of the page.

Image 1

The above image is my visual representation of the data. As you can see it is currently showing the number of bike hires and is filtered out the higher values in red.


Image 2

Similar to the above image you can see that the data is showing a different value, which is average monthly rainfall. Again it has filtered the higher values out in dark blue.


Image 3

The last image is showing the number of hires but has now has a higher value in the filter which only highlights the largest values. This can change both the rainfall data as also hires.


Comparing the data, there is some correlation between the values but not a significant amount. However comparing the raw data from the CSVs I could see that there was a correlation between individual days. Therefore to improve on this I would use the daily values to represent the data. To do this I would only be able to show a single month at at time, therefore I would use the radio function in ControlP5 to show multiple months.

My Processing code can be downloaded here. (

Code based and developed on tutorial 3.3 by Mark Meagher.

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