Assignment 2 _ CO2 and Energy Strategy Model Data

on 07|12|2014
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This week I choose a new dataset to work on because I think visualizing climate data has more to do built environment. This dataset focus on the forcast of  CO2 emissions and  target goal by reducing emissions by government action and mayoral action. This CSV file contains 5 rows with the first one the header, the second London BaU (business as usual) CO2 emissions, the third and the fourth the reduction amount and last the target emissions.

I choose bar chart to visualize this data. As the difference of each year’s BaU is very subtle, I made the values of BaU emissions minus 25 to make better comparison. By hovering the mouse on those column, the value of the data can be shown with a grey background. One of the two toggles I made can switch between the BaU emissions and committed emissions, so that I can have a general idea of  how many emissions are committed to reduce each year.  The other toggle can decide whether display the reduction emissions or not. To the left of screen I put a slider to shade the columns different color to make the data more straightforward.


London BaU CO2 emissions without committed reduction




Lomdon BaU CO2 emissions with committed reduction data and color shading controlled by the slider




Committed CO2 emissions


For CSV file, click here.

For Processing file, click here.

For original data, click here.

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