Assignment 2 – Datapoints by Xu Guang

on 07|12|2014
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Impacts of the changes to fire stations and fire engines as a result of the Fifth London Safety Plan (LSP5)





In this assignment, I choose to pick up a new data which was collected from LONDON DATASTORE Reliable dataset about response times to incidents, fires and fire safety work to support analysis of impacts of the implementation of changes to London Fire Brigade fire stations and deployment of fire engines in January 2015 as a result of the LFEPA Fifth London Safety Plan (LSP5). This dataset is very clear and informative. Hence, I choose the original CSV file as my raw visualization material.


The script posted here aims to graphically illustrate the incidents attended since January 2009 (which details about that incident including location) plus a dataset which details of every fire engine (pumping appliance) sent to an incident, and also provide a trend of how the indents changes as time goes by as well as some sorts of interference.


Here I post two types of visualization by using a toggle. And the incidents variation in each borough in London is visualized in a simple manner on a slider. Readers can interactively filter the data by sliding on the slider. As you can see from the above pics, color shading circles in different size stand for different values. I believe that the visualization I provide could reveal understanding beyond what could be learned from looking at a spreadsheet.



Download: please click here for CSV file: boroughdataappliance. (2.0KB) ;

click here for Processing file: Assignment 2 – Datapoints by Xu Guang. (2.06MB)


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