Oliver Stead – Assignment 2

on 08|12|2014
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This week I continued with my data set from the first project looking at the CO2 emissions for different country from 1980 – 2006.
My initial plan was to produce sets charts on the same graph that could be filtered through depending on the maximum value or average values of CO2 emissions.

Project2_1This first screenshot shows the entire data set with all of the countries plotted on the same chart, the circles are colored within the chart depending on the value of CO2 emissions.







The toggle function is then used to filter some of the values from within the data set, the initial plan was to allow this to be altered depending on which values wanted to be shown, but I couldn’t manage to get this to work.

Ideally I would be able to scale the charts to be able to show the data for lower CO2 emissions more clearly, using the slider if possible.




Data set : CO2_emissions

Zipped file of the project : Project_2

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