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on 15|12|2014
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Your assignment for the final project is to build a data visualization in Processing that combines the techniques we’ve discussed in the class, in addition to other methods that you identify as necessary for working with your selected dataset. You should select a dataset for the final assignment that is both large and complex. By ‘large’ I mean a data source with many datapoints (preferably thousands) and by ‘complex’ that there are multiple variables for each datapoint and multiple types of relationships between these variables. Please consider bringing together multiple different data sources as a basis for evaluating relationships and possible correlations.

Your visualization should be designed to precisely and elegantly represent a selected set of relationships within your dataset. The techniques you might choose to employ in representing these relationships include mapping, interactivity (rollovers, sliders, buttons, etc), and animation. Your visualization should present a particular point of view that allows someone using the visualization to discover non-obvious answers to a range of questions that you define.

You may choose to re-use a dataset from your own project (or someone else’s) for the final assignment, if that dataset meets the requirements mentioned above. For this to be considered as a new piece of work, you will need to to make significant  improvements to the functionality and refinement of the previous example. You should also use your visualization to reveal relationships that were not evident in the previous example.


Your submission to the blog should include:

– at least 5 images (screencaptures of your visualization that communicate key moments in your animation/interactive)

– a 100 word text description that includes the following details:

– What specific aspect of the dataset did you choose to focus on?

– How did you explore change over time in your assignment?

– What are the specific questions that your visualization is designed to address?

– What kinds of search does

– an animation that demonstrates the functionality of your visualization. This can be provided as an animated GIF, MOV, or other movie format.

– a copy of your Processing and data files (contained in a folder with the same name as the primary Processing file and including the dataset in a folder called data), as well as all the libraries that you used.


Your FINAL SUBMISSION is an annotated collection of all your assignments from the module: this is due on Friday January 30. You should include at least the following information for each assignment:

  • Several images that describe the functionality of your visualization
  • A 200-word text description that summarizes your intentions in this assignment
  • Selections from the code that explain the techniques used in Processing
  • Selections from the data set that explain the nature of the data used in the assignment: it’s source, size, reliability, granularity, completeness, etc.

The submission is in the form of a printed document, with a PDF version and a copy of all your code and data for each assignment included on a DVD. You are welcome to revise your code from previous assignments if you wish in response to feedback; if you choose to do this please indicate what changes have been made to the code and/or data in your text description.





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