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on 17|12|2014
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As promised – here is a short list of geo-located data sets from previous projects in this module that you may find helpful in preparing your assignments.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not recommend using the code from the past student projects as these assignments were written for a previous version of Processing (1.5.1) and will probably be more confusing than helpful for this reason. The data from these projects can, however, be productively re-used and re-interpreted in your assignments.

The Demography of the United Kingdom from 1992 to 2023: project by Jun Zhu (2013). The data from this project contains a list of nearly 450 UK council districts with latitude and longitude, and a range of demographic and economic information for each council.

Atlantic tropical cyclones 1851-2012: project by Mathew Southgate (2013). Data set describing the paths of tropical cyclones, with geo-locations describing the paths of the storms.

Understanding Campus Pedestrian Flow: project by Yangbin Lu (2013). Data set consists of multiple myTracks paths through Sheffield.

London Datastore: contains scores of geo-located data sets. The link given here is for data sets that come up under a search for the term ‘loction’.

OpenGeoCode database: list of 1400 open data portals, many of which offer geo-located data sets.

This is just a start ….



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