Assignment 3 – Geo-Data

on 17|12|2014
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I have chosen to visualize the biggest mountains around the world.
The background map is provided by EsriProvider.NatGeoWorldMap. The data can be found on Since this homepage can only display 10 objects at once, I had to
adjust my csv file, adding the features of the mountains manually, by moving the frame of the map
all around the world.

The csv file contains the GeoNameID, the name of the mountain, the country, as well as the latitude, longitude
and Altitude [m].

Each marker stands for a mountain; by clicking on each marker the name as well as the altitude
are displayed. The size of each mountain represents the height of the altitude; the higher the
altitude, the bigger the diameter of the marker.

csv data can be found here:

processing file: Unfolding maps Belinda Ercan

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