Assignment 3

on 20|12|2014
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The dataset I have chosen for this Assignment is a new dataset, obtained from, and it represents the buildings ; primarily Libraries of the United States, which got LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification in the last 9 Years (2004-2013). After plotting the buildings as circles of same color on the Map, I have added some interactivity, in the form of mouse hover, which allows a user to know the name, City and State of the particular circle on which the mouse cursor is placed. On zooming further, the information about each building is clearer to observe.1 2


After the users become familiar with the buildings, I have added another interactivity using “Toggle”, on pressing which, the buildings are shown as circles in the colors depending upon the Certification Level they received. e.g, Gold, Silver or simply Certified. On moving the mouse cursor over a circle, a key is also displayed on the top right corner of the screen. Moreover, the date of certification (the dataset is not based on live data) can also be seen, written above the Library, City and State name.3 4 5 6



With each toggle, all the information corresponding to a circle is also displayed on the console, in case of difficulty in reading data for overlapped circles.

The date of certification is not mentioned in the dataset for all buildings. The dataset also contains the addresses of some buildings only; therefore I did not consider the addresses in my visualization.

The processing file can be accessed from Assignment_3_Maha

The CSV dataset can be obtained from leed certified buildings

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