Birth Rates in Greater London

on 21|12|2014
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I have chosen to use a different part of my original data set- with demographic information about Greater London, to show how birth rates have changed in London between 1801 and 2011.

I originally wanted to include a slider to allow all decades to be viewed, but have been unable to write a correct code, so unfortunately at this stage the code needs to be changed in order to view different decades.

Overall imageThis shows the whole area. The key indicates how the population density changes and it is clear that central London has a much higher birth rate than Outer London. The larger circles also correspond to number of births in that area.

Latitudes and longitudes have been imported into the original CSV file so that each point is plotted at the centre of that district of London.

Overall image with mouseclickMouseclick functionality has been included so the name of each area and the number of births can be viewed.

To compare this to more recent data, the code requires a small alteration, which is clearly highlighted.

2011This clearly shows the increase across all districts in the birth rate.

A map has been chosen which gives a more detailed view at increased zoom, which shows how densely populated the city is:

2011 zoom


In future work I hope to include a slider within my code to allow all decades to be viewed without changing the code manually.

The data set and code can be viewed here: Assignment_3_Harriet_B

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