Assignment 3

on 21|12|2014
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Passenger Counts in London Underground Stations

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The data I used for this time was a new one from It was collected every 15 minutes on 1 November 2010, showing the passenger counts in London underground stations. Since the dataset only has 24*4=96 groups of passenger counts, the loop time would be very short when changing in 60fps. So I added a variable (int Timer) to reduce the speed of figure change.

For interactivity, a range controller was added on the top left, through which the range of time can be chosen. The reason that I set the range from 2 to 26 (2am of the next day) was that the passenger counts are not 0 at 0am. It would be inappropriate to cut out the data which is not meaningless, so I set the start point at 2am. Another function is to pause or restart the loop by pressing space key. When the loop is paused, specific figures and current time will be shown.

Source of CSV files: Passenger Counts, Location of Stations

Processing file: Assignment 3 (Xinrui Du)

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