Central Pacific Hurricane Center – HURDAT2 Best Track Information

on 20|12|2014
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The dataset contains recorded and estimated tracking data for the cyclones occurring in the pacific region since 1949 including coordinates, speed, pressure, etc. The script presented here visualizes all recorded cyclones for a specified year marking their speed and status using a simple color coded scheme. User control is provided through the keyboard keys ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, and ‘4’ restricting visualization based on cyclone status. An indicative keymap can also be accessed through keys ‘m’ and ‘n’ which also automates movement through years with the framerate assigned to the arrow keys. While, at the moment, data from different years is mapped to a slider, the original intention was to animate the movement of each cyclone, for a given year, using the timestamp recorded within the dataset. This, however, has not been achieved due to the slightly inconvenient way by which the original dataset was classed in the script and would require restructuring of the script to become feasible. This may be attempted for the final collection submission.

The HURDAT2 dataset can be accessed here.

Processing script, comma separated values, and a short animated screen grab are also available here and here.

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