Assignment 3 – Mapping Time by Xu Guang

on 21|12|2014
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Average Carbon Dioxide Emissions per km3 from New Passenger Cars in Europe, 2000 – 2008

For my assignment 03, I decided to identify a new geo-located dataset that includes information about carbon dioxide emissions in Europe over time, and you could have a more detailed look at

I simply selected two sets of data (2000 and 2008) from the whole dataset. The magnitude of CO2 emissions has been clearly visualized through setting the size of the circles as well as classifying a range of colors. To bring a greater understanding to the dataset I have chosen, I introduced interactivity tools, including a toggle that allows users to have access to general situations of average CO2 emissions from new passenger cars in Europe in 2000 and 2008, respectively and a “switch” that enables users to switch between 3 map styles dynamically. Readers can also visualize a change as well as a brief comparison of CO2 emissions between 2 different years in their minds through toggling from one to another.


To highlight each data point within the dataset, I added a hover over function to indicate the value and the country name.

040605  Road Map    |    Terrain Map    |    Aerial Map

I chose to utilize 3 different kinds of map styles to represent my data. And Road Map was used as a default style because it provides users with a legible visualization with its dark map background (Other 2 map styles are Terrain Map and Aerial Map).


Download: please click here for CSV file:Average_CO2_emissions_from_new_passenger_cars. (2.38KB);

click here for Processing zip file:Assignment_3_Xu_Guang. (36.5KB)


Thank you for your time :)

21st. Dec.2014

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