Learning Processing – Dan Schiffman: examples written for pre-2.0 Processing but much of the content is still relevant
Hello Processing: A series of videos by Dan Schiffman introducing the concepts of Processing – very helpful stuff Tutorials from the Processing web site.
Geometry, Texture, Shaders tutorial




libraries (download link, tutorials, documentation)
Unfolding Maps: a great mapping library for Processing
ControlP5: a GUI and controller library for processing


data (data sources, visualization tools) (Joshua Tauberer, (2012) Open Government Data) (Guardian Data journalism)
Guardian guide to visualization tools
Guardian Show and Tell (blog with visualizations and data sources) (extensive list of data sources on the excellent FlowingData blog)
City of London Datastore (list of 600 open datasets from the Greater London Authority)
Open Data Catalog (list of over 600 open data sources)


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