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  • Final Assignment

    Final Assignment

    b ncc x z

    The first track is about the data from the Arts Tower to Opal 3, and the next is about the track between Information Common and City Hall, followed by track from IC to my friend’s…

  • Assignment4 -click right button

    Assignment4 -click right button

    21 In this assignment, I used two data which I collected via app called “map my tracks”. The data are about two tracks in terms of different destinations. When you click the right button of the mouse, the two visualizations…

  • sketch for Assignment 4

    sketch for Assignment 4


    I plan to collect my own data via the app called MapMyTracks, and I can acquire the data about spatial coordinates, speed, and times. As a result, I can draw my own tracing route onto the google map, and…

  • Assignment3


    2 1

    In this assignment, I try to add interactivity into my data. I set the range from 0 calories to 460 calories,

    And when you slide the slider, you can see the colour change in the visualization. For…

  • Assignment 2 Datapoints

    Assignment 2 Datapoints


    This assignment I still use the data which I used last week, but actually this data is so simple that I cannot make it more graphical. As for next assignment, I will choose some more complex datasets. In this…

  • Assignment 1 -Understanding Data

    Assignment 1 -Understanding Data


    The dataset source is from Starbucks,which is aimed at providing customers with accurate calories per grande Starbucks Drink. As for the official data, to a great extent, we can trust it. At present, more and more people pay…