Assignment 2: Data Points

markm on 18|11|2013
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This week you will take the data collected last week and build a visualization of this data in Processing. The visualization that you built should extract specific information from the data and represent a particular point of view.

You will first need to select a dataset; this could be the data from your assignment or that of any student in the class. The data must be in CSV format, and for the purpose of this assignment you should work with one table only (ie one CSV file). There’s no practical limit on the number of columns or rows in the dataset, although for this assignment it will be easier to work with a dataset that has  <10 columns.

In class I will introduce the technique for loading a CSV file into a data structure in Processing called an array. One technical challenge of this assignment will be understanding how to read through the data contained in the array – this is described in tutorials 1.4 and 1.5.

You will need to design a simple visualization that graphically presents the data contained in the spreadsheet. In class I will introduce how to draw shapes in Processing and change the stroke colour and fill colour; you can use these tools, and any others that find to visualize the datapoints.

Your submission to the blog and shared folder should include:

- at least 1 image (screencapture of your visualization)

- a 100 word text description that includes the following details:

- What aspect of the dataset do you find interesting/provocative/illuminating? How did you highlight this aspect of the data in the visualization?

- Which parameters are being displayed in your visualization, and what graphical means are you using to do this?

- a copy of your dataset in CSV format

- a copy of your Processing files (contained in a folder with the same name as the primary Processing file)

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