Assignment 3 – Make it interactive

markm on 25|11|2013
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(You can download the assignment PDF here)

The goal this week is to take the dataset and visualization that you created last week and add interactivity. There are many ways in which you can do this, but whatever kind of interactivity you choose the interactive elements should contribute to understanding the data.

Although I recommend that you continue with the dataset and visualization that you worked on last week, you are also free to start with someone else’s work from last week. If you choose to pick up someone else’s project, this should be clearly stated in the code and in the assignment description, and you should clearly indicate how you have added significant new functionality and meaning to the previous week’s assignment.

Here are a few ideas for introducing interactivity in a way that is meaningful and contributes to understanding:

-       Provide more than one type of visualization and a toggle/slider to switch between visualization types

-       Provide a slider or other GUI elements (switch, buttons) for filtering the data that is presented

-       Display multiple datasets using the same visualization, either overlaid on each other or separately

-       Provide specific information on rollover or on click

-       And many others that you will imagine or invent!

I suggest that you take a look at controlP5, which offers an easy-to-use set of graphical elements for interactivity.

You should also reconsider the means used to graphically present the data in your visualization. Are you making the best use of the available space on the screen? Does your visualization provide understanding beyond what could be learned from looking at a spreadsheet? Does your visualization have a point of view, and is this clearly communicated using graphical means and interactivity? Is there an opportunity to make your point more clearly by overlaying additional datasets on your current dataset?

Your submission to the blog and shared folder should include:

- at least 1 image (screencapture of your visualization)

- a 100 word text description that includes the following details:

- Which parameters are being displayed in your visualization, and what graphical means are you using to do this? How are you using interactivity to support your point of view?

- a copy of your dataset in CSV format

- a copy of your Processing files (contained in a folder with the same name as the primary Processing file)

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