Assignment 3 – Make It Interactive

Matthew Southgate on 01|12|2013
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Detailed view showing year selector, and historical context bar graphs

Summary view showing popup information windows

Summary view showing popup information windows

For assignment 3, I decided to continue with my dataset from the previous assignment. As the trend displayed by the data was interesting, I decided to add interactivity that could emphasise this. Interactivity was added by utilising the controlP5 processing library. I split the display into two views, summary (similar to the view for assignment 2) and detailed and provided a toggle to switch between these views. The summary view shows the whole dataset, and incorporates interactivity by providing popup information when the central ellipse for each year is under the mouse. In this view, the dataset as a whole is visualised. The detailed view allows the user to focus on an individual year. The year is selected by a slider. The original radial graphs show the relationship between the two variables for each year. In order to add the important historical context, two bar charts were added to the view. These bar charts allow the user to see where the current year data sits in historical context by highlighting the current year on the graph.  Finally, a few recent historical events were added to the bar graph such that the data tells a story.

CSV File


Processing Sketch


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  1. Tom Cains says:

    Really impressive, very smooth and professional looking.

  2. James Risner says:

    Brilliant data visualisation! Really impressive

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