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Michael Dennis on 12|12|2013
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I’m working on putting together the visualization for assignment 4 project which uses the government data set for traffic disruption in London.  Using the Unfolding and Glgraphics library iv managed to set my location map up and link the xml. file to the sketch. However, im having trouble displaying the xml. content on the map.

The Longitude and latitude stamps in the data set im using are set out differently to the tutorial xml.

My Data set –


Tutorial - 




Could this be the source of my problem?





Dataset -

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  1. markm says:

    Hello Michael,

    Your RSS dataset is structured differently than the examples – there are more levels of hierarchy so you’ll need more loops to get down to the information you need. This is not necessarily complicated but it could take some time to get the code working.

    I suggest focusing on the visualization and doing what you can to keep the data side as simple as possible. For example, you could copy the data you need into a table in excel and then save as a CSV. This CSV can then be read into Processing using the code from previous examples. If this is a promising dataset you could choose to use the live data stream in your final project.


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