Assignment 4 – Different Routes From University Accomodation

Yishu Yao on 16|12|2013
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Figure 1 – Details of  Using the Operation

I was looking at the  routes from University Accommodation to university or city centre. I tracked the ways by myself with an App (Figure 1).  There are four shortest routes from accommodation to different destinations in this assignment.These data will provide some information to applicants when they apply the university accommodation. Meanwhile, the best and shortest routes will guide freshers’ first visiting.





Figure 2 – Accom to AT



Figure 3 – Accom to City Centre



Figure 4 – Accom to IC



Figure 5 – Accom to SU


If the users click each bar on the left, the  screen will show the position and the route. The densities of the red circles present the speed when I was walking to the destinations, the time will be presented as well. Two times at endpoints show the duration in the four routes, the data provide information for people get enough time to prepare.  So, obstacles in different roads can be recognized before leaving.  Freshers can read the information online before they enroll.


Dataset: CSV A4

File: Assingment_4


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