Assignment 4-Traffic Flows in London

Zheng Zeng on 15|12|2013
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In this assignment, I focus on the changes of traffic flows in London from 1993 to 2009. I found the data in London Datastore, I want to find if there is a trend of traffic flows in London through these years.

Firstly, because I didn’t find a map which has the detail information of  the boundary of each region, so I wrote a small sketch to find out the “center”  point of each region. Secondly, I drew some circles in each region. The center of  the circle is the point I found in the first step. The diameter of the circle comes from the figures of traffic flows. Thirdly, I used the ControlP5 to change the size of circles through years. Then, I drew some pop-windows to show some detail information of each region.

information of each region

information of each region2

When I press the toggle, the sketch will change to the second page. In the second page, I enlarged the circles. Circles were divided into 6 groups: 1. traffic flows<=200; 2. 200<traffic flows<=500; 3.500<traffic flows<=800; 4. 800<traffic flows<=1200; 5.1200<traffic flows<=1500; 6.traffic flows>1500. Then, I put them into six colors to show the traffic flows visually. Finally, by changing the slider, we can see the probable change of traffic flows.

We can see from the second page that traffic flows of some regions which located near the edge of London were always very large, through the years, the traffic flows of  middle regions were trend to be smaller. But, because there was only a small range of data, so the trend is not quite accuracy. There should be more data to improve the research.

trend through year

trend through year2

trend through year3

Code: traffic_flow

CSV: traffic-flow-cars

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