Assignment 4 Chenye Xiang

Chenye Xiang on 15|12|2013
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In this assignment, I look at the restaurants in Sheffield, it’s a XML data set. Since this

is a really massive data set and has some broken data, I spent quite a lot of time to read

the XML file

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This data set  includes a range of information, such as name, address, rating. I use the rating

value to control the size of the circle, but since the rating value just is from 0-5, and most of

them are 5 rating. So it’s not very obvious. The check box is to look at the rating date of these

restaurants from 2008 to 2013.



When your mouse is on a circle, the information of it will display on the left corner of the screen,

ranging from name, address, postcode to rating.




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