Assignment_4 Walking Speeds of Different Ages

Jun Zhu on 15|12|2013
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6-1 6-2 6-3 6-4 6-5 6-6


As mentioned in last week’s post, I imitated older people’s walking by lifting 9 liters water and using rollator. The information of these routes and the normal walking was recorded by ‘My Tracks’.

These 3 datasets are visualized on the same screen in order to be compared with each other. The color which smoothly ranging from red to green represents whether the speed of that certain point is fast or slow. A triangle is drawn according to the three routes’ location points at the same time, so the differences of these routes are easy to tell. 3 timers are set up to show the exact time spend.

Datasets: data1 data2 data3

Processing File zipsketch_Assignment_4_revise

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  1. James Risner says:

    That triangle is a really good idea, makes it much clearer!

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