Assignment 4 – London Traffic Disruption

Michael Dennis on 16|12|2013
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After the collecting data phase of this assignment my original plan was to use an xml. data feed (updated every 5 minutes) to construct an interactive map that would indicate would allow the user to overview traffic disruption in London and to quick access important information for events of interest. While Iv been able to construct a interactive map, that I feel meets the above creative above. Complications with obtaining the necessary fields from the xml. have resulted in the use of a csv. data link for this assignment.

London - Overview London - Overview - Severity

The First two images above show the map zoomed out to give an overview of traffic disruption as a hole in London. In the more zoomed in image (right) it easy to make the distinction between severity levels of each disruption.

London - Overview - Mouseover -Disruption

Hillington - Detail

Using a mouse-over function allows the user to access more information about the individual disruption points. The image below illustrates the accuracy of the data points.

Puntney Hill -Detail










Processing Code:




Data Source:

Disruption Data

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