Assignment 4: Domestic US Flights over a Single Day

Tom Cains on 15|12|2013
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6pm paths

Flight paths

6pm planes

Individual planes

130pm paths

Flight paths early in the day

130pm planes

Individual planes early in the day


I have used the same dataset that I proposed last week, however, visualising it proved to be much more of a challenge than I initially anticipated. The sketch runs by sorting the data into a 3 dimensional and a 2 dimensional array. One contains the interpolated latitude and longitude of each flight, while the other contains flight details such as the destination and arrival airport codes and the times the flights take off an land.

I have chosen to show the progression of flights over time and the mode can be switched from either individual plane locations to the flight path of the plane. The time step can also be altered but the sketch must re calculate all of the routes so that it restarts.

Atlanta paths

This image is interesting because when the animation is running you can clearly see the last departures from Atlanta all leave at about the same time and depart in all directions.

I would like to continue to work with this data for my final project as I hope to add more information and activity such as being able to filter the flights by airport or airline and see flight specific data.



Airmap sketch folder: download

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